What is the best passport photo app?

Best Passport Photo App Overview 

There are many ways to get your passport photo taken. The traditional way to take a passport photo is my visiting your local post office, drug store chain, or private photographer or using a passport photo app

The issue is is that taking a PassportPhoto with any of these methods is still considered an antiquated process as there is no compliance checks to get a picture perfect passport photo.

A quick factoid is that passport photos are the number one reason for Passport suspensions over 400,000 passport applications are denied nationwide due to improper passport photos.

The two superstores to take the most passport photos has to be between Walgreens pharmacy at CVS pharmacy.  There are other places to get your passport photos done such as Target, Costco, FedEx office.

Traditionally you have to walk into the stores have a store associate help you by asking for a Passport Photo they would then take a traditional point-and-click camera with a memory card snap the photo, put it into a Kodak kiosk size it properly edit the brightness and print your photo but even still this is not a true compliance check.

Going into 2019 we have done much research for the best photo app to use either through the Internet with your applications on the iPhone and android devices.

There are a few online services that say they take a quality passport photo such as my myPassportPhoto.com and Epassportphoto.com they do charge additional fees to take a passport photo and it’s a very cool system you have the option to selecting a photo on your hard drive and uploading it to their servers were they were manually check if the passport photos compliant or not and then charge a fee for how many photos you need. In our findings these are great tools but there is no true verification or compliance check to make sure that the Passport Photo is not rejected. Actually we tested the sites and you could upload a photo of anything someone else a tree a building so it’s not the real go to option at this point for a compliant photo.

We then moved on and surveyed three passport photo app for your smart phone. We actually found this to be a great solution for people who do not want to pay a lot of money, and have the ability to take the photos in home or at the workplace.  The best passport photo app we have come across was called PassportPhotoCreator.com it’s a free download the cool thing about it is that it has 15 compliance checks to make sure your photo will not get rejected by passport services they use a state-of-the-art facial recognition and biometric components within easy to use interface to allow you to take as many photos as possible and make them compliant. Once we completed our test and a few photos failed but that’s a good thing so as we know the technology behind us application really does work remember you only take a photo every five years for children in 10 years for adults we need to make sure it goes perfect the first time.

After we chose the best passport photo in our gallery we checked out the print options currently they are partnered with Walgreens and you have the ability to select the photo and print the Passport Photo in any of it 8000 store locations  nationwide.

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